Pantry Essentials

The Awesome Foursome


Say hello to the most awesome foursome ever! This bundle sits right up there with ABBA, Queen and Little Mix. If you're ready to roll but can't decide what flavour tickles your fancy... why not try four of our Best Sellers and take your tastebuds on a fantastical flavour journey. 

Stock your pantry with four packets no one should go without. This bundle will make your tastebuds do cartwheels, whisk away hunger and stock your fridge with delectable snacks you can indulge in while your on the go-go-go (or nibble on while you work from home in your activewear)

The Awesome Foursome includes:

  • 1x Mint to Be Protein Ball Blend 
  • 1x White Choc Berrylicious Protein Ball Blend
  • 1x Ferrero No Share Protein Ball Blend
  • 1x Cookie Dough-licious Protein Ball Blend

How to make

It’s as easy as Pour. Mix. Roll.®

1. Pour

Let the crumbs fall where they may. Well, preferably into a clean mixing bowl.

2. Mix

Whip out another bowl and pour in the satchel of liquid love - our coconut oil, mix in 2 tablespoons of boiling water and 3 tablespoons of your sweetener of choice - rice malt syrup, honey and agave all work wonders with this blend.

3. Roll

Blend the wet mix with the dry, mixing until you have a nice even batter. Now, get down and dirty and roll your way to happiness.