Limited Edition

The Birthday Bundle


WOO HOO! It's our party and we'll roll if we want to! For a limited time, we've released a super spesh Birthday Bundle so you can try all three flavours of Baller Blends and take your tastebuds on a fantastical flavour journey.

Experience the classic combinations you know and love with a healthy, satisfying twist. This delectable bundle will make your tastebuds do cartwheels, whisk away hunger and stock your fridge with delectable snacks you can indulge in while your on the go-go-go.

The Bundle includes:

  • 1x White Choc Berrylicious Protein Ball Blend
  • 1x Ferrero No Share Protein Ball Blend
  • 1x Cookie Dough-licious Protein Ball Blend
  • 1x Funfetti Chocolate Bar by Kokopod Chocolate
  • 1x Spatula

This variety pack is a limited-time offering to celebrate our First Birthday and is only available until stock runs out. 

How to make

It’s as easy as Pour. Mix. Roll.®

1. Pour

Let the crumbs fall where they may. Well, preferably into a clean mixing bowl.

2. Mix

Whip out another bowl and pour in the satchel of liquid love - our coconut oil, mix in 2 tablespoons of boiling water and 3 tablespoons of your sweetener of choice - rice malt syrup, honey and agave all work wonders with this blend.

3. Roll

Blend the wet mix with the dry, mixing until you have a nice even batter. Now, get down and dirty and roll your way to happiness.