What do I need to make the Blends?

All you need is boiling water and your chosen sweetener. We recommend rice malt syrup but you can use honey, agave syrup or maple syrup - they all work wonders with our blends. 

How many balls does one mix make?

Each Baller Blends packet lets you roll ten cafe sized protein balls (30g each). 

Where can I find the Nutritional Information?

All of the Nutritional Information, ingredients and their benefits are listed on the Product Page for each flavour. They are also listed on the back of each blend.

How long will my treats last?

Our Chief Baller recommends that you keep your Balls fresh by storing them in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 10 days.

What allergies do you cater for?

All of our Blends are Free from Wheat, Dairy, Refined Sugars and Peanuts. They are also plant based and free from nasties. 

We proudly Manufacture in a HACCP Certified Facility which is free from gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, animal products, yeast and peanuts. If you have a severe Food Allergy we ask that you please reach out to us so we can inform you of what products are safe for you. 

All of our Blends contain Nuts.