Tell your pantry, it's in for a (healthy) treat

Protein Ball mixes that taste too good to be healthy.

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Taste Bud Bliss

These are no ordinary Protein Ball mixes. With our fun flavours, you can whip up sweet-tooth satisfying snacks in ten minutes flat. Plus, we know you've got great taste, that's why we created these must have mixes for your pantry - and your tastebuds. 

A ball a day...
you know what they say

Each colourful satchel contains nourishing ingredients which when rolled (that's where you come in) create not only delicious balls, but also a healthy dash of goodness for your tummy.

What we stand for.

Chewy, Chunky Balls are so 2019

Yummy + good for the tummy

Our ingredients are natural, wholesome and easy to pronounce. Our blends balance both flavour and nutrition, so each bite will leave you thinking "this tastes TOO good to be healthy!"

Our Ballers - thats you!

We know our Ballers love snacks suitable for when they're on the go-go-go. But what’s also important to them? Health, yumminess and ease - which is why we tick all these boxes.

Let's keep it simple

Life is complicated enough without having to scout the “good aisle” at the supermarket. We’ve done all the running around (and taste testing) so you can make delectable treats in 3 steps.

We'll Nourish, you flourish

Snacks that are super good for you and save time?! Yes please. Our nourishing snacks will fuel your day so you can focus on what matters. FYI: less time prepping = more time for snacking.