For cookies that never crumble.

Cookie Dough-licious Protein Ball Mix


Dough my! Did cookies just get... better? Because cookie dough just went from cheat, to treat. Each nibble of our Cookie Dough protein balls will have you hopskotch-ing back to those familiar times spent secretly devouring the gooey sugary goodness straight from the bowl. (Hey. No judgement.) Only this time? Despite it tasting totally naughty, it’s not. 

We can smell a smart cookie (ahem, you) from a mile away. And we know smart cookies like you want things simple. So, this protein ball mix requires almost zilch cooking skills. All you’ve gotta do is pour, stir in H20 and your fave sweetener then roll ten doughlicious treats. Some would call this wizardry, we call it magic in a mix. 

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High Protein
Plant Based
Refined Sugar Free
Wheat Free